Upgrade Mobikwik Wallet On line Via Aadhaar Card Number(eKYC)

Upgrade Mobikwik Wallet Online Via Aadhaar Card Number(eKYC) Within 30 Seconds Now, you can upgrade your Mobikwik wallet online via eKYC Process. Mobikwik eKYC Process option is available on their Latest  Version of the Mobikwik App. You can complete this verification process within minutes. You have to just Put your Aadhar card number and send OTP to your Mobile number which is registered at Aadhar card and verify that OTP. Once, you complete the Mobikwik eKYC Verification. Your Mobikwik Wallet limit will be increased Rs 20,000 to Rs 1,0000.

How to Upgrade Mobikwik Wallet Online using Aadhar Number :-

1) First of all, Download Or Update your Mobikwik App to the latest Version from Play Store.

2) Open the app & Login/Sign up on Mobikwik App.

3) Now, Goto >> Menu >> Upgrade Wallet >> Enter your Aadhar Card Number

4) You will get a OTP on your Number which is registered at your Aadhar Card. Enter the OTP and complete the verification process.Your Mobikwik wallet will be upgraded instantly.

5) Incase if your number is not update then Visit on uidai.gov.in to register your Mobile number.

6) Once you verified your OTP then Your Mobikwik wallet get Upgrade successfully to 1 Lakh Limit.

7) That’s it Enjoy

Benifits of Upgrading your wallet :-

  • Your Monthly limit goes up from ₹20,000 to ₹1,00,000.
  • You can transfer higher amounts to wallet users and to your bank account.
  • Mobikwik will also send exclusive offers just for the upgraded wallets.
  • You can Transfer Rs 25,000 to Your Bank account.
  • And you can add Upto Rs 1,00000 to your Mobikwik Wallet.


      • The below points have been taken from the RBI issued circular “Master Direction – Know Your Customer (KYC) Direction, 2016”. You can click here to read the full RBI circular.
      • The e-KYC service of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) shall be accepted as a valid process for KYC verification under the PML Rules, as
      • (a) the information containing demographic details and photographs made available from UIDAI as a result of e-KYC process is treated as an ‘Officially Valid Document’, and
      • (b) transfer of KYC data, electronically to the RE from UIDAI, is accepted as valid process for KYC verification.
      • Provided Regulated Entities (REs)/ Business Correspondents (BCs)/ Business Facilitators (BFs) shall obtain authorisation from the individual user authorising UIDAI by way of explicit consent to release his/her identity/address through biometric authentication to the REs.
      • Provided further that a RE may provide an option for One Time Pin (OTP) based e-KYC process for on-boarding of customers. Accounts opened in terms of this proviso i.e., using OTP based e-KYC, are subject to the following conditions:
      • There must be a specific consent from the customer for authentication through OTP
      • The aggregate balance of all the deposit accounts of the customer shall not exceed rupees one lakh.

    • The aggregate of all credits in a financial year, in all the deposit taken together, shall not exceed rupees two lakh.
    • As regards borrowal accounts, only term loans shall be sanctioned. The aggregate amount of term loans sanctioned shall not exceed rupees sixty thousand in a year.
    • Accounts, both deposit and borrowal, opened using OTP based e-KYC shall not be allowed for more than one year within which Customer Due Diligence (CDD) procedure as provided in section 16 or as per the first proviso of Section 17 of the Principal Direction is to be completed.
    • If the CDD procedure is not completed within a year, in respect of deposit accounts, the same shall be closed immediately. In respect of borrowal accounts no further debits shall be allowed.
    • A declaration shall be obtained from the customer to the effect that no other account has been opened nor will be opened using OTP based KYC either with the same RE or with any other RE.
    • Further, while uploading KYC information to CKYCR, REs shall clearly indicate that such accounts are opened using OTP based e-KYC and other REs shall not open accounts based on the KYC information of accounts opened with OTP based e-KYC procedure.
  1. REs shall have strict monitoring procedures including systems to generate alerts in case of any non-compliance/violation, to ensure compliance with the above mentioned conditions

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